Comprehensive Care

We believe in rehabilitating the entire mouth, not just repairing a tooth. If you are tired of random teeth hurting and breaking, or if you have jaw or joint pain or headaches that cannot be explained, we may be able to help you.

Often, these random problems are a result of years of neglected teeth or an accumulation of “repairs” from various dentists or simply the result of uneven bite because of how your teeth grew into your mouth or a combination of these issues.

The fact is if we do not look at all the factors such as teeth, bite, TMJ, jaw muscles/bone or gum diseases as well as other factors, your dental health will continue to go down the same path of destruction as the first day you had your first "problem."

Our practice philosophy is respecting our patients’ privacy, time and money. We respect your privacy by having separate treatment rooms allowing a private conversation setting. We respect your time by being on time and only see one person at a time.

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Patient Commitment

Our focus is on you and you alone while you are in our care. We respect your care by recommending only what you need through offering the best solution for your condition and situation. Recommending less than the best is counterproductive and would mean unnecessary compromise. We want the best for our patients.

We understand that you may not know what we can do for you, this is why we offer the first consultation at no charge to you so that we can sit down and discuss your concerns. Contact us today to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you get the beautiful and comfortable smile you deserve.

Most Up-to-Date Technology

DentiMax Digital X-Rays sensors utilize state-of-the-art digital radiography technology to provide great benefits for patients. Not only are they more comfortable than other types of digital X-rays, they are also more accurate, providing our experts with a remarkably detailed view of the hidden areas inside a patient’s mouth. Another major advantage is that DentiMax X-rays are safer than most other types of radiography devices, exposing patients to less radiation. Dr. Lim and the rest of the team at Oak Park Dental Associates are proud to use DentiMax digital X-rays to provide patients with the best possible dental experience.

Oak Park Dental Associates

Safety & Comfort

At Oak Park Dental Associates, we care about your concerns during these uncertain times. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our office cleanliness and sanitization standards at any time. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment at (708) 848-8237.

Oak Park Dental Associates safety & comfort

Fully Prepared Staff

All team members are prepared with Personal Protective Equipment.

We provide our team with essential PPE before they enter the office. We are also checking temperatures of both team members and patients.

Oak Park Dental Associates safety & comfort

Office Cleanliness

All tools, equipment, and highly-touched areas are sanitized between each patient.

We are following all recommended guidelines provided by the CDC, ADA and OSHA.

Oak Park Dental Associates safety & comfort

Social Distancing

Patient screenings and patient car check-ins are required.

We are screening all patients before each visit, as well as asking for all patients to call once they arrive for their appointment.

Our Core Values

Exceptional &
Quality Care

The treatment we provide is of the highest quality. We strive to perform services that will provide good oral function, excellent esthetics and with proper maintenance, longevity. We only use high quality materials in our dental restorations. Dental cases that are beyond our abilities are referred to competent specialists.

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Patient Education

Education is the key to the establishment and maintenance of oral health. We provide clear, respectful answers to our patients’ questions. We deliver clear evaluations of the oral health status of the patient.

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Oral Health

Good oral health promotes overall healthiness. We strive to help the patient achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. We assist the patient in making life changes that will better the quality of life.

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